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"I walked into a room full of entrepreneurs and motivational speakers on Friday, November 16th of 2018 of whom I could immediately identify with on many levels! I have been afforded the opportunity to collaborate and keep in touch with some of the most amazing business women I’ve ever met my 8 years in business. The realness, the strength, the determination is endless at every BBWR event I’ve attended. Thank you Ms. Natalyn for what you do for us! You have no idea the impact you’ve had on us and the bonds you’ve helped us create because of your willingness to allow us to use your platform. We love and appreciate you Queen!"


Green Family Jewels, LLC

"In 2016, I started my business, but really did not have a clear idea on what I was doing! I felt so lost and confused many times, but did not really have anyone to turn to. I discovered Black Business Women Rock! via social media. I was in awe of the networking opportunities and workshops that were being offered! I was too nervous to actually attend, so I watched silently via photos and videos that were being shared. In 2017, I attended my first event and was simply blown away! The women were friendly and treated me like family. We discussed our goals for our businesses. I was so excited to be exposed to women who were providing me with information on how to grow my business! I learned about branding, marketing, and pricing my services.  Most importantly I began to build a network of amazing ambitious women . In 2018, I attended the Black Business Women Rock! conference and gala, in which I was asked to speak on a panel by the founder Natalyn Randle! I was so honored to even be considered! This was my first time being exposed to this side of being a business woman. After being part of this panel, my business skyrocketed! I have been on several panels and gained new business all because of Black Business Women Rock!  Now, I am  more confident in myself as an entrepreneur. The workshops, networking events, and the weekly newsletters provide me with the resources that I need to elevate my business. I am forever grateful"


VCH Prosperity Consulting, LLC

"I am a filmmaker and producer in the LA area. Natalyn Randle participated in my first documentary film, The Rhythm of Blue, and from there, I was introduced to Black Business Women Rock. This organization has had an amazing effect on my business! Since volunteering at the Black Business Women Conference for 2 years, I have had the opportunity to network with women on a real and personal level. This network is an invaluable resource in that it gave me opportunities to participate in panel discussions and get the word out about my film. I have met women who want to partner with me to host screenings and get the message to the masses that breaks the negative stigma surrounding mental health. BBWR is a very nurturing community in which I have been inspired to think bigger and even start another business! I could not have gained that confidence without being exposed to Black Business Women Rock!"



"Founder of Black Business Women Rock!, Natalyn Randle has set the stage for women to be courageous enough to own even the ugly truth of their personal story and still be successful.  The event called "Her Story, Behind the Mask" helped women to no longer hide in guilt and shame, but to stand up and be bold and be free, because she is here, and she survived."


SpeakHER  Institute 

We laughed, cried and danced together as sisters! A magical event for women to bond and express themselves in a safe place. We were able to celebrate Natalyn and each other all in one place. Can't wait for the next one! 


"I attended the “Behind the Mask” hosted by Black Business Women Rock and it was amazing.  Each speaker opened themselves and really offered a glimpse into their soul.  Some of the souls were still healing and some were there to heal others. The event was magical and everyone in the room was changed for the better." 


Perfectly Packaged You

"The scars we wear are deep within. We hide to protect our image and our hearts.  Vulnerability is our fear because we are afraid to unveil the mask of molestation, rape, loneliness, depression, the crave for attention, abortion, insecurities, divorce, separation, loss and more.  "Her Story, Behind the Mask" was packed with excitement, anticipation of continuous life, and yet brought truth and healing to my past and reality.  Grateful Natalyn gave these ladies the platform to tell their story.  As I listened to the stories of each young lady, I had flashbacks of things that still pains me within.  Their stories encouraged me to be free.  I realize the things we go through are not just for us, but for the next person because we need each other.  The message was loud and clear to me, if you are alive, don’t hide behind the mask.  Tell your story by standing up, and speaking out.  We are survivors!!"


Black Business Women Rock! (BBWR) has been instrumental in my grassroots organization; Victorious Pathways growing and branching out in the Southern California area meeting the needs of girls and women. Each time, I attend a BBWR event, I leave equipped with valuable information to carry out the mission and vision of my nonprofit.

In addition to receiving information, I also get to network and collaborate with other women entrepreneurs and CEOs who are also a part of the BBWR network. Collaborating with organizations like Titus Parenting, Perfectly Packaged You, and Making Choices have contributed to me developing, implementing, and hosting annual retreats and workshops for girls and women. As a result of the collaboration, the girls and women receiving the services have gained a wealth of life changing experiences and information from my events because of the BBWR network. 

BBWR believes in making investments in the next generation. The Victorious Pathways teen girls were given the opportunity of volunteering for the BBWR Conference. While participating as volunteers, they were able to observe business women model the appropriate way to collaborate, network, and build up one another professionally. The girls learned new valuable information while providing community service at the same time. 

Natalyn Randle, the CEO of Black Business Women Rock! is successfully empowering women CEOs to effectively meet the needs of the community. She provides excellent empowerment events; professional business workshops; host networking affairs; and makes investments in young people. My organization, Victorious Pathways is stronger today because of the contributions she has made to my organization directly and indirectly. 


Victorious Pathways, CEO & Founder 

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